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Stout's Back Saver Grip
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Stout’s BackSaver Grip™
Now Available Nationally

Milwaukee, WI -- Stout’s BackSaver Grip™, an inexpensive attachment that makes it easier to work with any long-handled tool, is now available in retail stores across the U.S. The patented ergonomic grip is available in Ace Hardware stores nationwide, selected Home Depots and assorted lawn and garden centers.

BackSaver™ allows an individual to grip a tool higher, avoiding the awkward bending that is the primary cause of back strain. It improves the performance of shovels, snow shovels, hoes, rakes, pitch forks, push brooms and numerous other tools. BackSaver provides a more comfortable way to grip a tool and allows the user to stand up straighter, using the legs instead of the back for power, control and lifting.

The perpendicular grip also reduces stress to the wrist, arm and shoulder and eliminates the chronic blister people develop between the thumb and forefinger. For overhead tools like paint extension poles and tree trimmers, BackSaver substantially improves control and stability.

Stout’s BackSaverGrip™ first appeared in retail stores in Alaska in 2000 and became something of a cult sensation. The product now sells to retailers in full-color 24-piece case displays with each unit individually packaged. Each retailer also receives a three-minute promotional video for in-store use.

BackSaver is manufactured in the USA by Mercantile Buyers Service of Milwaukee, WI. 800.752.7874. It carries a lifetime warranty. It fits any long-handled tool and can be moved from one tool to another in approximately two minutes.

Stout’s BackSaver Grip™ was designed and patented by Ron Stout, a diesel mechanic and an avid fisherman living in Anchorage. He first started tinkering on a device to make it easier to haul in the region’s 100 pound-plus halibut. After a major snow storm, he tried it on his snow shovel. It worked great. Soon Stout’s friends were clamoring for the new “Grip” and word spread to Alaskan retailers. Several design improvements later, BackSaver began to earn national recognition.

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