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We are proud to share with you comments we receive from people who actually use Stout's BackSaver Grip®. If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions about the Grip, we'd love to see them! Please email them to us and we'll print them right here.

Here are assorted reports from satisfied customers. (All these are on file at our headquarters.) Since the BackSaver Grip is very popular with fishermen, we have a special section down below on those letters:

Lawn, Garden and Household

Just wanted to let you know that I've been using the Grip for a while now and it has been a tremendous help. I have a chronic back problem and in the past, have had to be very careful about doing too much digging and shoveling. After recovering from a back injury this spring, caused by engaging in that very activity, I decided to give your Backsaver Grip a try. I was able to shovel 12 cartloads of woodchips without any serious back pain! Finally that huge pile of wood chips is out of my driveway and into the garden paths where it belongs and I'm still walking upright! My chiropractor was impressed, too. You've got a great product. Best regards, Ann Myers, Woodstock, GA.

Outstanding product -- saved my back! -- John Paradise, Denton, TX

Wow -- this works great. I have a herniated disk in my back and a few hours in the yard and I’m in pain. This really saves your back! -- Robert Koch, Ewing, NJ

I got the BackSaver Grip one day after our front yard was dug up for water line installation. The Grip was put to use that day! It takes some getting used to, but does help prevent back ache. - Warren Henry, Leeper, PA

Handles great, easy to use, very comfortable grip. -- Judit Serfozo, Gainesville, FL

It not only made the work easier, but it also made less stress on my back, shoulder and arms. -- Le Roy Jordan, Artesia, CA

Being 6’4” the BackSaver Grip does what it says. It is a great back saver when shoveling snow. My driveway is pretty big and I would always be hurting the next day. Now shoveling snow doesn’t hurt. -- Loren Stuckmeyer, High Ridge, MO

I used the BackSaver on a tree trimming pole and it was so much easier to hold the trimmer. I am a senior citizen and this item has helped a lot. I will also try the BackSaver on my garden weed eater. -- Naomi Cordner, Chanute, KS

The Back Saver made using my lawn rake much more comfortable. My hands rested on the Back Saver and I raked in a much more natural position.
-- Bryan Thompson, Ellenwood, GA

I used it mainly when working in my garden. On my garden rake, it is a back saver as I could work in a more upright position rather than bending. Living in the South, I spend a lot of time in the yard and garden. A person needs more than one, though, so you don’t have to keep changing it from one tool to another -- like from a rake to a shovel.
-- Darlean Youdal, Steinhatchee, FL

I used the back saver on my rake and shovel. I was able to notice how much more power it gave for lifting or pulling. My back was not fatigued as usual, considering I had back surgery 8 months ago. The trick is to get the handle positioned on the proper place of the tool for each individual. -- Channing Shealy, Lexington, SC

The Stout’s BackSaver Grip was a “real back saver” when I used it to shovel compost into my flower beds. My back did not get tired as fast as in the past without the BackSaver Grip. I would recommend using one on all your gardening tools.
-- Lois Jones, Turtletown, TN
It definitely is a back saver. Easy to attach for use. Instructions were easy to follow.
-- Robert Birkholz, Sun Lakes, AZ

I used the BackSaver on my garden rake to pull rocks in my yard. It gives better leverage. I placed the BackSaver on a cement shovel and greatly reduced back strain.
-- Ronald McGill, Las Vegas, NV

Excellent aid for saving the back and ease of use with a leaf rake.
-- Jack. D. Purple, Jr. Spring City, TN

I put the back saver on my snow shovel and my back felt the best it ever has after shoveling snow. -- Benjamin Curry, Edmond, OK

As a member of the lower back club, this attachment makes placing Xmas lights on trees, raking leaves and digging holes a lot less strenuous. -- Bruce Zimont, Houston, TX

I’d recommend this product because it’s true to its name. After using it on a hoe to backfill a trench, my arms and back were almost completely pain free compared to backfilling the “old-fashioned” way. -- Vincent N. Mursuli, Lugoff, SC

My husband used this grip and felt it was a good thing for his back. You don’t have to bend over to rake leaves. It keeps your back pretty straight. When he changed it so I could use it, it was very, very simple and also took a lot of pressure off my back and hips.
--Patricia Mast, Gladwin MI

The BackSaver was a real asset to my rake. It helped me keep a good posture while raking and shoveling. -- John Joseph, Lithonia, GA

The product was simple and effective to lower back strain. It had the added benefit of lessening hand blisters. -- K. Castle, Altus AFB, OK

Highly recommend! Tuff plastic did all chores well. Used with shovel for gravel, raking leaves and plan to use on hoe this spring for gardening. Great Backsaver! Also used for push broom. This product makes chores much easier and less tiring. Probably will order more for other family members. Installation was quick and pretty easy.
-- Richard L. Williams, Rogersville, TN

I would recommend Stout’s BackSaver Grip to everyone, young and old. It really does help if you have a bad back. My husband really liked it, too.
-- Debbie Yopp, Sulphur Rock, AR

It really did save my back. There was no need to bend. I wish I had this years ago.
-- Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Cerasuolo, Methuen, MA

It makes raking the leaves or anything else so much easier. With spring, here, the Stout’s BackSaver Grip came as a miracle for me and people like me. It can be used on different tools with a long handle. Now I do not have to bend so low. Thank you.
-- Simone Presson, Oklahoma City, OK

I would recommend this product to anyone who has a back problem.
-- Jimmy L. Bradley, Calhoun, GA

If you have a bad back or a weak back, it will help distribute the weight more evenly with less effort. -- Kyle Tedder, Lone Grove, OK

I really liked this! I planted 15 trees and it worked well.
-- Edward Walker, Kingsland, GA

I would highly recommend this product and its effectiveness. It would be essential for anyone with back or shoulder pain. For my own personal use, I think it is very helpful with rakes, hoes and shovels around the house. I feel it would be very useful in many worksites. -- Tommy Ward, Little River, SC

I have back problems of several compression fractures and my back screams with pain when I do any type of yard work. This allowed me to get more done, faster, prior to having to stop because my back hurts.
-- Rebecca Watkins, Winnabow, NC

This is a good, sturdy product and was easy to put together. Helped to ease stress on my back when using it with my shovel, rake and weed eater. I replaced the smaller type handle which came on the weed eater with the Stout’s BackSaver. The BackSaver gave a better grip and I was able to control the weed eater with more accuracy.
-- Wesley Welsh, Timpson, TX

The Back Saver does exactly what it is advertised to do. I used in on shovels and rakes and brooms with success. Once the handle is positioned correctly for your height, it really takes the strain off your back!
-- Keith Russell, Lakewood, CA

Easy to attach, but I had to get used to using it. Once I mastered a new technique, the product worked well for me and I could rake my lawn with no back strain.
-- Maryhelen Kloter, Flushing, NY

The grip worked well in all aspects of my gardening chores. In my case, living near the shore, I go down and rake clams about 3 mornings a week. The BackSaver Grip has made it easier on my back and more efficient in gathering a good supply of clams. (Rake, hoe and shovel, too.) -- Leslie J. Richardson, San Benito, TX

I used the Stout’s Backsaver Grip on my snow shovel and it helped reduce back strain during snow shoveling.
-- Mrs. Renita I. Lotempio, Macedon, NY

I would recommend this product to others because it is easy to use and it does not put a lot of strain on the user’s back. -- Lonnie Hatley, Weiser, ID

I put the grip on my vacuum cleaner. It saved me from having to slightly bend over. My back thanks you.
-- Mrs. L. Haferman, Plover, WI

Due to my physical condition, having had 5 back surgeries and 1 cervical surgery, I have always had difficulty in using most garden and yard tools. However, with this “BackSaver Grip,” I am not having to bend as previously required and lifting is so much easier. I see no improvements needed. It is a great asset to anyone with arthritis, back surgeries, etc. -- Mrs. Jackie Laborde, National Home Gardening Club member

Provides good support and helps eliminate fatigue. -- Loretta Beichler, Rittman, OH

Great way to save your back by turning your regular garden shovels, forks, rakes, etc. into better ergonomic tools. -- Chuck Palsa, Bellevue, OH

Really prevents back stress! -- Beth Young, Brighton, MI
It was an excellent device and easily stores for the next use, which will be many. As a senior gardener, it is my greatest joy and this device will make my work so much easier. As for you young gardeners out there, and I hope you are many, you should enjoy your gardening with greater ease and also protect that young back to “keep on gardening.” -- Miss Theresa Ryan, Ronkonkoma, NY

This is a good product. I’m using it on my pole electric chain saw. It works real well and it gives one better control in handling the saw when the pole is extended.
-- Albert Penn, Lakeland, FL

If one has back problems (and I do), this product helps to avoid strain. I found it enabled me to use both hands with equal ease and avoid twisting. It was also helpful in lifting tools. -- Frances B. Parker, Hermosa Beach, CA

I felt this was an excellent product for materials such as sand, pea gravel or the like. Being able to locate the handle where it was the most comfortable was the key to success. -- Carl Cisneros, Dale, TX

Product was as advertised, there was minimal bending. I could use it either left or right handed! Excellent size for small to medium jobs. Tough and durable. Easy to maintain. Power is up to the task. -- Alvaro Urquidez, Albuquerque, NM

Had better control and much more comfortable holding position (with a pole saw).
-- Wolson Loring, Port Charlote, FL

Made raking leaves easier. Saved my back and legs.
-- Theodore Bauer, Jacksonville, FL

I used it for a shovel and a rake. It did make my task easier. I am a tall person and using shovels or rakes always hurts my back. Using this product cut down on how far I had to bend over. -- Ryan Oaks, Elizabethton, TN

The back saver worked great when I used it during yard work. It could be easier to switch from tool to tool, that was a little frustrating. Overall I enjoyed the product.
-- Robert Montes, Lemoore, CA

The Back Saver is a great little addition to your garden tools. It helps to relieve the twist in your back when raking leaves or hoeing. Easy to use and attach.
-- Johnny W. Evans, Jacksonville, AL

The ease of this product is wonderful. It helps your back from cramping. There aren’t any aches and pains from having to bend over so much. You are in a more upright position. I would recommend this product to everyone. -- Ginger Wright, Tucson, AZ

I am a lifetime member of the Handyman Club of America. Here's a couple of photos of how I put the Back Saver Grip to use (on my tree trimmer). Been waiting for a devise such as this. Thank You.
– Roger Scharmer

Letters from Fishermen

It makes it easy to use (fishing) poles and tools when you have a bad back, as I do. Very good product. -- Danny J. Bishop, Picayune, MS

I found the product to be great used with a net for larger fish! It also worked great on a shovel and a rake. It does reduce strain on the back and makes lifting much easier.
-- Jerry J. White, Hobe Sound, FL
This product is excellent for fish nets and puts less strain on your back.
-- Jacque Vinklarek Yoakum, TX

I would recommend this product (for rods and bait cast) because if you have back problems, it helps. -- Trevin Henske, Rocklin, CA

Good for bringing in those big Tennessee cats. Gives you more of an advantage against the heavier cats. -- Terence M. Deese, Jr. Huntsville, AL

I used it first on my tree trimmer and to my amazement I was able to move the pole around with ease due to the leverage. I then put the BackSaver Grip on my fishing pole and the ease and control again I received in bringing in my catch was a WOW! Fun, easy, no strain and controllable. -- Lou Cioffi, Cape Coral, FL

I used the BackSaver Grip as a trolling motor extension. Sometimes the foot pedal response does not turn the motor around fast enough to avoid debris, so I just latch on to the BackSaver Grip and turn my boat around. -- Gary Griffith, Kapolei, HI

I used the BackSaver on landing nets in the Gulf, for reds, shark and trout. Excellent. I also used the product for pitchforks and shovels. It changed the lift angle and was more comfortable to use. It was easy to change from one tool to another. Zinc plated hardware was nice in the salt water. -- Jeremy Young, N. Ft. Myers, FL

Gave more strength to (my) net. -- Charles Lewis, Magnolia, TX

Recommend it for people’s lower back when attached to larger pole net.
-- Chris Schmadtke, Marco Island, FL

It does what is says -- Back Saver. It’s easy to put on and take off when moving from your fishing pole to the rake for your lawn. -- Harold Kendel, Margate, FL

This product works really well. After trying it out, I was relieved of a lot of back pain. Sleek design and easy to use. Eric Pait, Orlando, FL

Simplicity of design. I wish I had thought of this. I mounted it to my deep sea rod. Grips are wood and this conformed to grips without damage. Back Saver Grip has proved helpful with many tasks not mentioned. (Used for fishing poles and landing net, also shovel.) -- John Polk, Washington, GA

I would recommend this product. It has good use, it’s easy to handle, + better leverage.
-- Donald Johnson, Marion, NC

I would recommend this product because it was easier to hold the rod. The rod did not slip out of my hand. -- Jacob Theriot, Lockport, LA

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